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We’ll direct you where to get your contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses – whether it be in house or through our recommended vendors.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We offer comprehensive contact lens fittings for soft and hard lenses. Our charge for these fittings ranges from $40 to $75.

This fee includes:

  • One trial pair of lenses.
  • Initial fitting and a follow up fitting.
  • Contact lenses solution starter kit.

We will call you when the contact lenses come in to schedule the fitting appointment at your convenience. The initial fitting will take approximately one hour.

After this initial fitting, we can order your lenses or write a prescription for them. If we need to order a new trial pair, the charge will be $5.00 to cover shipping & handling.

Both hard and soft lens are available at our office. The contact lenses that we offer include:

  • Acuvue
  • H2o Extreme (for dry eyes)
  • Bausch and Lomb Multifocals (for both near and far vision)
  • Nike Maxsight (specifically for sports)
  • We also have lenses for keratoconus and after RK surgery

Our price for a box of Acuvue contact lenses is $20. Our price is very close to what Sam’s and Wal-Mart charge.


Where to get your glasses made? It is up to you. I recommend these few places. They are listed in alphabetic order. Pick a place that is most convenient & least costly for you. Also, check with your insurance company, as they may offer a discount at certain locations.

ABC Eyewear for Children
4630 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy 991-0260
*Specializes in kid frames and prisms

Evangeline Optical
600 St. Landry St. (across from Lourdes Hospital) 235-4665

Eyewear Express
4415 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy 406-0620

LaCombe Eye Center
4400 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy 984-3234

In the Acadiana Mall 989-0515
*One-hour service

LSO, Louisiana State Optical
2813 Johnston St. 232-1404
*One-hour service

The Vision Clinic
1472 South College Rd. (Oil Center) 237-2110
*Accepts Medicaid

You may also get your glasses made at the local Target, Wal-Mart or Sears.



We have Kaenon polarized sunglasses on sale and in stock. Kaenon sunglasses are also available with prescription correction lenses. You can find more information about Kaenon sunglasses at www.kaenon.com.

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